Collection: Freshwater New Arrivals

~ New in This Week! ~ 

Blue Turquoise Discus

Red Turquoise Discus

Leopard Discus

Red Alenquer Discus

Red Checkerboard Discus

Red Cover Discus

Snow White Discus

Zebra Discus

Neon Golden Barb

Golden Head Balloon Ram

Monoculus Peacock Bass

Azul Peacock Bass

Golden Peacock Bass

Intermedia Peacock Bass

Brokopondo Peacock Bass

Otto Cats

Pictus Catfish

Adonis Pleco L155

Yellow Lab

Red Peacock

Lemon Cichlid

Panda Corydoras

Rusty Corydoras

Neocaridina Shrimps

Amano Shrimps


Featherfin Rainbows

Super Red Bristlenose Plecos



Freshwater New Arrivals


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