Collection: Freshwater Plants and Inverts

~ New in September~ 





Hygro Angustifolia 

Hygro Araguaia 

Broad Lead Ludwigia 

Golden Naseae 

Parrots Feather 


Temple Plant 


Amazon Sword


Amazon Sword 

Broad Leaf Chain Sword 

Oriental Sword 

Green Ozelot Sword 

Rangeri Sword 

Rosette Sword 


Bronze Wendtii Crypt 

Green Wendtii Crypt 

Red Wendtii Crypt 

Jungle Val 


Dwarf Subulata 

Banana Plant 

Java Fern 

Marble Queen Pot 

Anubias Nana Petite Pot 

Cardinal Plant Pot 

C. Lutea Pot 

Hygro Compact Pot 

Java Moss 

Christmas Moss

Micro Sword Pot 


Anubias Heterophylla 

Anubias Nana Golden 

Anubias Nana Pinto 

Anubias Nana and Christmas Moss on Wood 

Bucephanandra Green Broad Leaf

Bucephanadra Theia 

Christmas Moss Teddy Bear

Christmas Moss on Coconut Rabbit 

Christmas Moss on Coconut Bridge 

Cryptocoryne Tropica 

Cryptocoryne Parva 

Cryptocoryne Sri Lanka 

Cryptocoryne Pink Flamingo 

Freshwater Plants and Inverts

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