Collection: Freshwater Plants and Inverts

~ New in December~



Xingu Sword

Micro Sword

Baby Tears

Gold Sparkle Java Fern

Giant Bacopa

Orange Juice Rotala

Pink Flamingo Crypt

Red Cross Rotala

Red Ludwigia

Super Red Ludwigia

Ludwigia Repens

Congenis Anubias

Monte Carlo

Chili Jalapeno Anubias

Green Chameleon Sword

Red Pearl Sword

Red Diamond Sword

Red Phoenix Sword


Crypt Wendtii

Java Fern Black Forest 

Blood Red Ludwigia

Mexicana Rotala

Wavy Cardinal

Python Sword


Broad Reineckii Red

Staurogyne Porto Vehlo 


Freshwater Plants and Inverts

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