Collection: Saltwater Coral

~ New in March ~  

Yellow/ Orange Tip Torch 

Gold Torch 

Pink/Purple Tip Elegance 

Yellow/Orange Tip Elegance 

Red Lemon Polyp Coral 

Bright Red/Yellow Dot Lemon Coral 

Red Metallic Lemon Coral 

Green Metallic Rose Brain Coral 

Multicolor Rose Brain Coral 

Orange/Pink Clove Polyp 

Blue Mushrooms

Green Watermelon Mushroom 

Green Metallic Mushroom 

Orange Hammer 

Red Modern Cynarina 

2 Color Symphyllia 

Special Symphyllia 

Green Blasto

Green Metallic Hairy Mushroom 

Green Metallic Clove Polyp 

Polyp Garden 

Bullseye Mushroom 

Aussie Toxic Goniopora 

Red Goniopora 


Toxic Torch 

Aussie Green Polyp Crown Leather

Aussie Ultra Fungia 


Mini Green Kenya Tree

Green Brain Coral 

Green Galaxy Coral 

Green Metallic Flower Pot 

Green/Purple Splatter Hammer 

Fire and Ice Zoanthid 


Saltwater Coral

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